Welcome to China Airlines Virtual​

China Airlines Virtual is based on its real life counterpart China Airlines Group. China Airlines Virtual is the flag carrier of Taiwan and has a larger fleet. We as a VA would like to thank you, whether you're applying or just zooming by, thanks for stopping by. 



Why Join China Airlines Virtual? 

China Airlines Virtual is an ever-growing VA that strives to provide a fun and stress-free experience. We attempt to host events at least once a week. We try to create new partnerships and codeshares with other airlines to provide you with an enjoyable experience. Our Airlines features many routes and a variety of Airbus and Boeing aircraft to make sure you never need to worry about a thing.


Fun & Stress Free

China Airlines Virtual strives to make an emphasis on fun and stress-free flying. We want to enjoy all the perks of flying and wish you experience the same.


Diverse Aircraft

At China Airlines Virtual, we have a diverse amount of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, which serve both our long and short-haul flights.


Professional & Adaptive

Even if we make an emphasis on fun and stress-free, we as a VA do our best to maintain professionalism when flying, as a sign of courtesy to other pilots.