CEO - Marquatzi

Our CEO is Marchuzzie, better known as Marquatzi on IFC. Our CEO is currently certified with a PPL and is working for his instrument rating and CPL. He dreams to work for Philippines Airlines as soon as he graduates college.

COO - Kurtis

My name is Kurtis, I’m born and raised in the United Kingdom, I am 17 born March 5th, I've been an Infinite Flight player for nearly 4 years but have taken it more seriously in the past year, I am currently studying for my PPL.

VA Executives
VA High Staff

HR Manager - IF.OJAI

HR Manager will handle problems with individual pilots. HR Manager positions are often overlooks as they usually aren't as active as Routes Manager or Event Managers. But regardless, they are vital to each VA.

The Head of Internal Affairs will take care of the VA members as a whole. The Head of Internal Affairs will work closely with the COO to incorporate changes within the curriculum or ranking system.

Recruiter - Deakin_Pope

The Recuiter will head the entrance exams. They will be tasked with making sure every new pilot is fit for flying with us, as well as making sure they will maintain a good presence with the VA community.

Chief Pilot - Dream_Chaser

Hey guys, I'm Dream_Chaser. I am your Chief Pilot for China Airlines Virtual. I'm currently attending High School whist waiting a couple years for flight school. I love flying on Infinite Flight and I hope to see you in the Skies!

Route Manager - 

The Route Manager. In charge of adding and deciding special routes for each week which would receive a special multiplier, their job is not easy.

Events Manager-

Our Events Manager will organize at least one event every week. The event will use any route within our route database. They will also be in charge of determining what the event multiplier will be.