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Welcome to China Airlines Virtual​

China Airlines Virtual is based on its real life counterpart China Airlines Group. China Airlines Virtual is the flag carrier of Taiwan and has a larger fleet. We as a VA would like to thank you, whether you're applying or just zooming by, thanks for stopping by. 



Why Join China Airlines Virtual? 

China Airlines Virtual is a rapidly expanding Virtual Airline that aims to deliver an enjoyable and stress-free experience. We try to have events once a week at the very least. To give you a positive experience, we work to establish new alliances and codeshares with other airlines. Our Airlines ensures you never have to worry about anything by offering a wide range of routes and Airbus and Boeing planes.

Why China Airlines? 

Hi, I’m the CEO of CIVA, Katherine_love, for the most importantly, why I choose CIVA to create? Firstly, I love China Airlines in real world for its beautiful livery, large fleet. Secondly, for its route, as China Airlines  is the biggest airline in Taiwan, it can provide route link to the world with its linked airlines Mandarin Airlines, also codeshare with skyteam members, we will also provide codeshares that not exist in real world because we want our pilots can fly to the world without adding 20 VAs. For another question, is our VA professional? I can tell you for sure, we were a  professional VA which need checkrides to enter, for IFATC members you don’t need a checkride. At last, we really appreciate you can choose CIVA to fly, most importantly, ENJOY YOUR FLIGHT WITH CIVA!




Fun & Stress Free

China Airlines Virtual strives to make an emphasis on fun and stress-free flying. We want to enjoy all the perks of flying and wish you experience the same.


Diverse Aircraft

At China Airlines Virtual, we have a diverse amount of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, which serve both our long and short-haul flights.


Professional & Adaptive

Even if we make an emphasis on fun and stress-free, we as a VA do our best to maintain professionalism when flying, as a sign of courtesy to other pilots.

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